Anastassia Bordeau

‘She owns the night’… Anastassia soaks in the thick silence raining from the stars to enhance her lonely dawns. From street lamps to neon signs or signposts, her paintings exude a sovereign serenity. Often absent, mankind leaves a deep footprint; here in a theatre, there on a still railway track or an empty subway platform. From a silent movie screen to the timeless stage, a deep twilight envelops every sound. Mute, enigmatic, her compositions provoke reverence and recollection. Seeing Anastassia’s paintings is like stepping on snow…

Anastassia perfectly masters oil painting, and excels with her pigments, half way between medium and colour, equally thick and vibrant.

Born in Moscow in 1979, Anastassia Bordeau studied at the Fine Art Academy of Russia between 1990 and 1997, and then at the Fine Art Academy of Louvain (Belgium), between 1995 and 1996. She pursued her studies at the Superior National School of Fine Arts in Paris (with Vincent Bioulès and Pat Andrea) until 2003.
Late 2008, the Modern Art Museum in Moscow launched a solo show. In 2011, Anastassia was awarded Laureate by the Colas Foundation.  


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