Angela Glajcar

Because we use paper ever since our childhood, we all think we know it by heart. How wrong! When we come across Angela Glajcar's Art, this ancient material free itself from its original servile rôle, to best emancipate.

Between minimal brutalism and exalted tearing, half painting half sculpture, Angela's work is anything but tame. The paper bursts between support and material, moon and light. Depth and relief merge in tortured craters where the "écorché" is sovereign. Between serenity and revolt, tear becomes queen, irregularity becomes perfection, and chance measures sovereign.

Born in Mainz (Germany) in 1970. She studies at Fine Art of  Nuremberg  at  Tim Scott's classes 

1998 Studio price  winner at Erich Hauser Art Foundation

2002 Art price winner at  Zonta Mainz

2005 Emy Roeder price winner

2006 Phoenix Art pirce winner

2010 Public Price winner at  ​Wilhelm Hack Museum Ludwigshafen