Ašot Haas

Born in Moscow in 1981, Ašot (pronounced Ashotte) graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, specialising in sculpture. Between 2000 and 2007 he studied interdisciplinary practice at the School of Fine Arts. He also collaborated with an Industrial Design studio (F. Chrenka), Transport Design (S. Klein), and Glass Design studio (J. Gavula).


Ašot’s work pushes the boundaries of Art using innovative materials with the latest technologies, yet remains timeless. The Artist begins with universal geometric shapes (circles and squares) and extrapolates them into other dimensions. He approaches volume from a unique perspective; between abstraction and geometry, real and virtual.


Illuminated, backlit or LED his psychedelic installations reinvent the kinetic, and enhance the nostalgia of the 60’s. Sometimes tame, sometimes irreverent, day or night, his works flirt between painting and sculpture. The artist frees himself from all academic codes to better express his compelling desire to create from nowhere. Incomparable on the international scene one can without doubt see pure genius.

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