A young self-taught Sicilian living in Brussels, Giuseppe ‘Beddru’ (‘the favourite’ in Sicilian) is recognised in the contemporary Art scene by his introspective gaze and renewed use of humble materials such as Altuglass, venerated and ennobled.

Semi-figurative and non-conformist, his pictorial Art is awakened with a simple stroke of ink, enhanced by a palette of oils ranging from pastels to the most brilliant pigments. The surface emerges by painting onto the back of glass sheets, in line with the Seicento painters’ methods. In multiplying this technique on various strata, Beddru reconciles ancient traditions with Contemporary Art. 

Powerful yet gentle, his brushstrokes express both a Byzantine and contemporary style. A worthy heir of Klimt, his series Enigma evokes the charm of a beautiful dream. Captivated by enigmatic, even mythological, subjects, emotion and introspection are echoed by a serene, victorious silence.


Beddru was selected by the London Biennale jury in 2017, and exhibited with Sotheby’s, New York in February 2018. An artist to follow - very closely!

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