Francisco Valverde

Francisco was born in 1972 and raised in Cuernavaca. 

He first made himself a name for contemporary figurative then went teaching traditional technics and large format at Morelense Center for Arts. In his search with students, he found his own quest and came out with new practice. ​

Then onward, Francisco essentially selected large canvas using synthetic paint cans, and made imperfections and hazards the main assets to his paintings. His irregular blobs and lines found their own rythm. Francisco new art direction was born.

Passioned by Street and Public Art, he recently participated to the event "the street is yours" in Mexico. In 2015, he performed at San Miguel de Allende Art festival. 

Francisco obtained a BA in Fine Arts at  University Art Center of Pasadena, CA.

In 2004, he was included in the Rufino Tamayo Biennial where he was awarded first prize in 2016. He is now part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Rufino Tamayo in Mexico City.

FV102 Sukha, 100 x 100 cm   - Copia
FV101 Opia, pigmented resin on panel, 100 x 100