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Libor Antl

Born in 1978 in Czech Républic, Libor is a complete self taught Artist.

Free from all academic codes, he restlessly explores watercolor, acrylic and oil, occasionaly varnish and résine. 

After years of experiments on fusion techniques, he finally exhibited his Art with a fullfilled emotion of perfection, sending Prague's public into rapture. 

Despite his first success, Libor still dedicates a serious amount of time to reconsider his technique. He then culminates his own world by creating a drive of light and levitation, with some organic -or aquatic- creatures.

Since 2010, he has come to a universe close to airy abstraction, equally silent and meditative. 

Totally free, he deliberatly loose hold to best give free reins to his moody colors.

This silent world amazes with its timeless and temporality forms. 

By joigning Stream Art GAllery, Libor erase the blank on his Central Europe country, so rich of history and Art. 

LA103 160 x 180 cm
L1201  60 x 150 cm
LA202  60 x 150 cm
LA203  100 x 100 cm
LA204  80 x 120 cm
LA205  70 x 70 cm
LA206 100 x 100 cm
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