Lluís Cera

Lluís was born in Barcelona in 1967 and graduated in 1993 in Fine Art from the University of Barcelona, specialising in Sculpture. 

He has been awarded several prizes including First Prize for his sculpture Bancaja in 2001. He was also selected for the Miquel Casablanca prize in 1987 and the Certamen Itinerario escultórico of Álava in 2001.


With incredible skill Lluís Cera defies his medium; from marble, a noble material known for its density, he creates a soft, supple effect. Initially figurative his work has evolved towards organic abstraction, often encircled by metal rings and engraved with poems and music. High quality, his sculptures take on a playful dimension, like a marshmallow, indulgent and generous.


Through multiple exhibitions in Europe Cera has achieved timeless success and his sculptures have become universal.


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