Milan Houser

Born at the dawn of the Czech Republic, Milan graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Praha. He has since won various awards, including prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation (2005), and acquisition of his Art by the National Gallery of Prague. His works now enrich private collections in the United States, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic.

Without palette or paintbrush, Milan combines resin with cleverly selected pigments, then pours his medium directly onto canvas. Time and motion are essential since the resin flows slowly across the surface, clashing with unpredictable pools of color.

Subject to hazard, they may intertwine, evoking waves of lava. Excellent technician, outstanding colorist, Milan echoes the subtle -yet striking- pigments, delivering the purity of each. Using the unpredictability of the result, his paintings take form somewhere between liquid and fusion. From one medium and one sole technique, Milan explores infinite possibilities; each piece is at the mercy of chance and the improbabilities of nature.

Universal and sustainable, Milan’s talent holds considerable value; his acquisitions in galleries and Art fairs fuel the market value of his work, ensuring a promising future.

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