Nathalie Cohen

Born in Casablanca, Nathalie Cohen dedicated herself to her ultimate passion: Kinetic Art. Characterized by an introduction of scientific technology, her Art differs from other movements by redefining spatial, temporal and dynamic rules.


Through synergy with the environment (light, sound, chromatic scales), the artworks come alive and call to the public. Intrigued and stimulated, the viewer becomes an actor in this purely sensorial creation process. Her methacrylate installations "titillate" the eye as well as intrigue.


Eminently graphic, her artworks in black and white cohabit with explosive, colourfull pieces. Plunging us into a complex and astonishing universe, that of the incredible third dimension.


Nathalie Cohen has just entered the POPA; the first European museum dedicated to optical art. She exhibits in internationally renowned galleries, as well as at major contemporary art fairs.

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