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Pierre Riollet

Pierre was born on April 25th, 1963 and graduated from the Auguste Renoir School of Art in Paris in 1983.

First a graphic designer and Art Director in Advertising, he dedicates himself to painting ever since 2003. Strongly inspired by American Realist Movement, he was greatly inspired by Edward Hopper and Robert Cottingham. 

After an extensive trip to the source in 1987, he began a body of large-scale works, featuring American Facades with their stretch shadows. These led to his first solo show in 1989. Alongside, he also works on still lives and landscapes, exploring different techniques, such as watercolor, ink-wash, and drawing. He then publishes a book entitled “flipflops”, a fetish subject of his.

An exhibition retrospective summarizes his recent and former works, featuring “cityscape” with oil and acrylic, an important subject for over two decades. He has embraced  “contre-jour”, seduced by natural light and deep contrasts. This is the keystone of his artistic research today.

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