Near future, or far away…

Self-taught and free spirit, Satrapa doesn't belong to any school. Half way between folk Art and industrial tin toys, his robots are an army of small soldiers, reminding us of humanity's future, right from Mad Max, where wasteland comes alive again, ready for revenge.

With the imprint of 1950's Comic Robots, the Artist multiplies in every form his small soldiers, ready to invade the Red Planet.


Odd and unique pieces, his characters are skillfully assembled by hand at the "Androïds Factory", in Spain. Made of metal, tin, aluminium, cables and springs, Satrapa's robots are so  expressive, with globular eyes and hook hands, not knowing if they will greet you or crush you. 

True collectors' pieces, his robots are an hint of cheerfulness, and will provide lively company, fun and enigmatic. 

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