Born in Paris April 2018, Stream Art Gallery is a dynamic and promising Art gallery. Originally specialized in Modern Art (Ecole de Paris, Cubism, geometric abstraction…), the founder Fabrice evolved towards minimalism and sharp contemporary Art. Respectful to history and tradition, highly discerning in dexterity and creativity, he maintains a clean eye on the Art market. Visionary and intuitive, his selection of emerging Artists is free from any trends or fashions.

Passionate about abstraction, Kinetic and neons, Fabrice's selection is innovative, sustainable, and universal.  Focussed on painting and sculpture, it frees itself from all borders, origins, and cultures. From all continents, Artists are the soul of the gallery; the unique relationship between them and the founder raises energy and spirit.


Dynamic and intimate, a space for sharing and discovery, Stream Art Collections triggers true emotions, far from any conceptual approach or splashy art.

Fabrice Vignand

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